Titan of the Year Winner Announcement

Titan of the Year Winner Announcement
Posted on 08/11/2017
Titan of the Year Winner Annoucement

TCA “Titan of the Year” Winner for 2016-2017

On behalf of the TCA Titan of the Year Committee, the parents of TCA, and the TCA Board of Directors, the 2016-17 Titan of the Year award was presented to Christina Schwartz-Soper at TCA's Back to School Staff Meeting on Thursday, August 10, 2017.

Christina has loyally and fervently served our community as band director at TCA for 14 years.  With staff, she is known for her passion for her craft.  With students, she is kind, accepting, and supportive serving as an important influence and role model for the young people at TCA.  Additionally, she was able to rally the band community and the TCA community as a whole, to raise enough funds to purchase new band uniforms.  This was a tremendous undertaking, which she attacked head on. 

Christina is a strong example of what it looks like to love, respect, and protect one another.  Her band program is like a family, offering a safe place where students feel loved.  She has created a culture of relationship that is tighter than most groups at TCA.  Students feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves and dedicate themselves to the success of the group.

If you see Ms. Soper, please congratulate her on this great honor! Please click here to view her video:

Titan of the Year Video

With Titan Pride,
TCA Titan of the Year Committee