7th Grade History
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Welcome to 7th Grade,
US 20th Century History!

Throughout the year, we will learn about the "good, the bad, and the ugly", recognizing that even with all our ups and downs, what an AMAZING country we live in!
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Below is a brief synopsis of the current unit, so you can engage in family discussions at home around the topics we are studying in class. In addition, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to find files that will include helpful documents such as study guides, class activities, assignment grading rubrics, and sometimes links that may provide some fun and useful additional information.

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Don’t forget to check the monthly calendars for test dates and other important events! 
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The end of the 20th century is coming rapidly, and we are now reaching the decades when parents may have some memories to share!

We will make a quick pass through the 70s, 80s, and 90s: Watergate was young Ms. Hemphill's first current events/political memory, & it forever changed how Americans looked at their government. Nixon resigned & Ford pardoned. Carter negotiated the Middle East Peace Accord, but could not bring 52 hostages home. Reagan invented a theoretical "Star Wars" & helped thaw the Cold War. Bush, Sr. presided over the toppling of the Soviet Union, while Clinton almost toppled his own presidency. And finally, George W. began what is still current events in response to 9/11.

Major Assignments for the last month of school:

1) 1970s Scavenger Hunt of facts. Students will work mostly in small groups, demonstrating their proficiency in the skills we have practiced all year: looking up events, skimming, close reading, drawing logical conclusions, making inferences, and teamwork.

2) USA Map Test:
Remember learning the states & capitals in 5th grade? Well, we will be reviewing them, & students will take the test on the 14th.  There are many games on the Internet that can make learning the locations of the states fun! Students are making flash cards to match the capitals to the states, which will help with studying.

3) Presidents
As a way to review some highlights of the 20th Century, students are completing a chart of the presidents from McKinley all the way to Trump. We will use some memory devices to name them in chronological order & also be prepared to state key facts about each one. This test will be the last Tuesday of the school year, the 21st.

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Miss Hemphill