7th Grade History
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Welcome to 7th Grade,
US 20th Century History!

Throughout the year, we will learn about the "good, the bad, and the ugly", recognizing that even with all our ups and downs, what an AMAZING country we live in!
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Below is a brief synopsis of the current unit, so you can engage in family discussions at home around the topics we are studying in class. In addition, you can scroll to the bottom of this page to find files that will include helpful documents such as study guides, class activities, assignment grading rubrics, and sometimes links that may provide some fun and useful additional information.

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Don’t forget to check the monthly calendars for test dates and other important events! 
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The “Groovy Sixties” begins with hope, personified in the young charismatic JFK and his glamorous wife. However, the Cold War, never far from our minds, is again “heating up” with events such as the Bay of Pigs Incident, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the long-running and controversial conflict in Vietnam. The Civil Rights Movement also gains momentum with its now-famous leader, Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Places like Birmingham, Montgomery, and Selma, Alabama are shown on national TV to be hotbeds of racism. America is shocked into making a choice – do we choose to live up to our creed, “that all men are created equal and are endowed by our Creator with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” or not?!

Unit Assignments:
1) Students will continue to utilize a 1960s Study Guide throughout the unit to add facts & descriptions about many people, groups, events, and new terms. At this point in the year, students are expected to complete this on their own initiative as we read, discuss, and see these in our classes.

2) 1960s Video Notes are a new tool to help us better understand this tumultuous time period. The television becomes a powerful medium for bringing the headlines into the American public’s living rooms during the 60s. We will be actively watching a number of age-appropriate video clips from our curriculum, and will learn to empathize as well as glean facts from these black and white images.

3) Historical Head Poster – this is a favorite mini-project of many 7th graders! They will choose a person from the 60s and “get into their head” with the ideas, emotions, opinions, and actions they demonstrated. Students will combine pictures and words to tell their person’s story

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