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“Let’s live in a world where we celebrate awesome every day and where people treat people like they are people.”- Robby Novak, Kid President

 At assembly today, three of our sixth graders engaged our students in a conversation about justice. Justice is the pillar character strength from which fairness, teamwork, and leadership come. Dr. Larry Arnn from Hillsdale College says, “Aristotle tells us that justice is a moral virtue. Justice is the most public of the virtues because it involves giving to people what they deserve, including yourself. We are made to be involved with other people and to do right or not in regard to them. That is justice.” Cornel West, an American Philosopher once said, “Justice, by definition, is just behavior and treatment based on what is morally right and fair. To respect basic human rights is justice. Fearlessly demanding it, protects not only the most vulnerable, but all of humankind. Never forget that justice is what Love looks like in public.”

 Justice is a big idea for elementary students. Our sixth graders did a wonderful job sharing what justice means and how Titans live out justice in their daily lives. They reminded the students about the historical figures we study at TCA and how these people of the past fought for justice, wanting everyone to be treated with dignity and respect. They challenged their peers to treat all people equally and to cooperate with one another. They reminded them to take responsibility for their actions and apologize, to be respectful and listen to what others have to say, and to be willing to do what is best for everyone. Playing by the rules, being a good sport, and including others in games and activities is an easy way to demonstrate justice at school. They gave a final reminder of never leaving people out and standing up for someone who is being treated unfairly; Titans love, respect, and protect one another.

 At TCA, we work hard to continually put good ideas in front of our students because when we know what is true, good, and beautiful, we cannot escape knowing. We are then always informed and are aware of the right things to do. With practice, we all have the opportunity to be great people, doing great things in the world and for each other.

In Partnership,
Becca DeMeyer


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