Wait List Status Form

Wait List Status Form

Wait List submissions are imported every couple weeks.  THANK YOU in advance for waiting TWO weeks after submitting a Wait List Application before requesting Wait List Status, so we will have the data imported and available for you.  Wait List Status information is intended ONLY for a child's own parents.  Please do not request information on children other than your own.


*1.  Please tell me my child's wait list position for: 

*2.  Child's LAST Name: 

*3.  Child's FIRST Name: 

*4.  Date of Birth (mm/dd/year): 

*5.  School Year Inquiring About: 

*6.  Grade Child will be in that Year: 


*7.  Parent LAST Name:  

*8.  Parent FIRST Name:  

*9.  Current Street Address: 

*10.  City: 

*11.  Zip: 

*12.  Home Phone: 

*13.  Mother Work/Cell Phone: 

*14.  Father Work/Cell Phone: 

*15.  May We Leave Messages at These Numbers? 

*16.  Email Address: 


*18.  Has it been at least TWO WEEKS since you submitted a Wait List Application for this child? 

Please click Submit below to send your Wait List Status Form to the TCA Registrar's Office.

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