Titan of the Year Nomination Form

Titan of the Year Nomination Form


Nominations can include anyone from the following areas: Elementary schools, Jr. High, High School, Cottage School, College Pathways and Administration.  You may only submit more than one nomination if each person is from a different area (e.g. East Elementary and Administration)

Nomination submission deadline: MARCH 11, 2020 4pm

1. Name:

2. Campus:

3. Email:

4. Phone Number:

5. Name of Person (First and Last Name) Being Nominated:

6. Campus of Person Being Nominated (Principals and Assistant Principals fall under administration):

7. Position of Person being Nominated:

8. What character trait best describes this person? 

9. Personal Story with examples of why this person is being nominated:

10. How has this person contributed to TCA this year? 

Any questions, please contact Gloria Thuon (Titan of the Year Chairperson) at tharris1@asd20.org 

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