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This page will hopefully provide parents with information and resources as we partner with you to support your child. Please call the school at 719-484-0091 and ask to talk with our Junior High Counselor or an administrator if you are concerned about your child or need to talk through something with someone at the school. 

This page has just been created and is a work in progress. We will continue to add information and resources to this page over time. Do not hesitate to call the Junior High Office if you need resources on an issue that is not addressed on this page. 


Conference and Informational Seminars
Suicide Information

Conference and Informational
Information about local conferences will be added throughout the school year. 

 Seminars and

Suicide is a difficult topic that usually is accompanied by a variety of questions. Please contact the Junior High School Counselor if you have any questions, concerns, are looking for a outside agency to help, or need to talk about suicide. It is important that we do not allow the uncomfortableness about suicide to cause us to stay quiet when we are worried about another person's safety.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-8255
Colorado Crisis Services - 1-844-493-8255
Safe2Tell  - Anonymous Report - 1-877-542-7233

Five Warning Signs - This information is from the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide and provides warning signs to look for in your child or their friends. You should contact the Junior High Counselor or a junior high administrator if these warning signs are present.

Not My Child - Information Video - This information is from the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide to provide information and answer some of the frequently asked questions surrounding suicide. The production quality is not the best, but it offers excellent information.

Talking to your Child about Suicide - This information is from the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide to make suggestions about talking to your child about suicide. It is an important conversation for every parent to have with their child, even if they are not worried about their child.

More Information from The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

Other Information from a variety of sources