College Pathways Withdrawals

College Pathways Withdrawals

To withdraw your student from College Pathways, please complete the form below.

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Please help us maintain complete records by including as much information as you can regarding the withdrawal, such as City/State moving to - if moving out of the area, or School District moving to - if remaining in this general area.  If you are moving, and your phone number(s) will be disconnected, please provide a contact person/phone number (e.g., grandparent, friend, etc.) who can help us contact you after you move.  Thank you!

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14.  What did you like best about TCA?  (e.g., schedules, curriculum, student life, policies/procedures, etc.):

15.  What did you like least about TCA?  (e.g., schedules, curriculum, student life, policies/procedures, etc.):

16.  How would you rate communication at TCA? (Did you feel heard/not heard? By whom? Types of issues?):

17.  Please enter your email address below if you would like to have a one-on-one conversation with an administrator regarding your student's withdrawal: 

I understand that processing this Withdrawal form will withdraw my student from this current year's enrollment, and my student will not be eligible for re-enrollment UNLESS I fill out a new Wait List Application for a future year. 

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