Unit 5: Creative Writing
Assignment: Students will write a creative short story using common narrative techniques such as characterization, conflict, plot, and dialogue.

Creative Writing Packet
Please complete the packet above before moving on to writing your short story. You will find instruction for the activities inside. I have clarified instructions on the character wheel for those who were absent on Friday, March 13.‚Äč

Example of Character Wheel
Character Wheel: The innermost circle is for the character's name. The outermost ring of the wheel is for 3-4 character traits that makes up the character's personality. Then, assign 2-3 "wedges" of the middle ring to each character trait. Within each wedge, come up with a specific action your character can take to demonstrate that trait. See the above link for an example.

As always, edit for grammar and formatting before printing your final draft.


Minimum of 3 pages, double-spaced
MLA Heading and Header
Legible font and reasonable font size
Content is 8th grade TCA appropriate

Both the packet and the typed short story are due upon our return to school on Monday, March 30.

If we do not return to school at that time, you are still expected to email the packet and your story to your teacher. You can download the packet above and complete it using a computer writing program, or you can scan and email the packet as a PDF if you have that capability at home.

If you have any questions, please reach out! I will be monitoring my email and will be available for online help for the week of March 16-20.