Student Resources (Study Guide, Resources,etc...)


This sub page is setup to provide you with resources to make you the most successful 8th grader you can be.  All of these resources are either a file or a web site that can be accessed below.  Here is a list of some of these resources:


1) Study Guide...Two Lesson Plans with incredible helpful tips

2) Everyday Tips to Make Math Less Stressful and More Successful

3) School Calendar

4) Bell Schedule for Junior High

5) Secondary Dress Code Policy

Web Sites:

1) Social Skills for Middle School students.  Provides excellent training on numerous topics: 1) reacting to a rumor; 2) making new friends; 3)Solving a problem; 4) Talking with others etc....)
Related Links

SocialSocial Skills for Middle School Students
(Excellent site that students, parents, and teachers can use to help educate a student about a social skill that they need to improve. Here are some examples: Making New Friends, apologizing, reacting to rumors etc...)