Plate Tectonics/Fossils/Geologic Time (Unit 3)


    • Plate Tectonics (review)
      • Three types of plate boundaries (convergent, divergent, transform)
      • Various geologic events, including land formations that occur due to their interactions (earthquakes, trenches, mountains, volcanoes, mid-ocean ridges, etc.)
      • Results of plate boundary interactions and their impacts on communities
      • Scientific Theories
    • Fossils
      • Types/Formation
    • Geologic Time
      • Early/Modern Concepts
      • Geologic Timescale
    • Interpreting the Rock Record
      • Relative Dating (Law of Superposition and Law of Crosscutting Position)
      • Absolute Dating (Radiometric dating)
      • The Principle of Uniformity
      • Unconformities
      • Marker Layers
      • Index Fossils
      • Sedimentary Structures
      • Geologic Cross Section

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