7th Grade History
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Welcome to 7th Grade,
US 20th Century History!
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Assignments for Work-at-Home Week 3/16-3/20
(All work due upon return):

You can find directions & all the documents you need in the document container at the BOTTOM of this page by scrolling all the way down. If you have any questions, feel free to email
Ms. Connelly or
Ms. Hemphill.

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Throughout the year, we will learn about the "good, the bad, and the ugly", recognizing that even with all our ups and downs, what an AMAZING country we live in!
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As in Unit 1, we will continue to provide you with a brief synopsis of the main focus of the unit, so you can engage in family discussions at home around the topics we will be learning about in class. In addition, check for files that will include helpful documents such as study guides, class activities, assignment grading rubrics, etc. Occasionally we will also add links that may provide some fun and useful additional information.

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Don’t forget to check the monthly calendars for test dates and other important events!

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As WWII ends and the “Nifty Fifties” begin, the United States finds itself as one of two “Super Powers” engaged in a new kind of war – the Cold War. But even as America struggles to “contain” communism around the world, it also begins to face the consequences of its hypocrisy at home. Black Americans begin to organize to protest their lack of freedom in what comes to be known as the Civil Rights Movement.

Look for students working through   their "Nifty Fifties" Packet. We will be creating our own timelines of different types of events (Including a FAMILY event) in the Fifties as the culminating project.

Miss Connelly ‚Äč

Miss Hemphill