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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Registrar's office?
You may e-mail or call 719-488-6229.
What is different about TCA?
The Classical Academy (TCA) is a wait list charter school, meaning students are offered seats on a first-come, first-served basis with established priorities of: founding board member children, TCA staff children, siblings, and previously enrolled students. Since we are not a neighborhood school, your proximity to a campus will not affect your campus placement or enrollment. A student’s academic success or failure or character will not affect enrollment offers. A charter school is a school created by a group of individuals based on their stated goals. TCA is not a private school or a religiously affiliated school. Our charter was written and accepted by the State of Colorado, and we aligned ourselves with Academy School District Twenty (D20). TCA established our own policies and procedures, many of which align with D20 and some which differ. We are different from other non-charter D20 schools in that we must use our state funding for teacher salaries, supplies, and our buildings, whereas other D20 schools have a building provided for them. This is part of why it is so important for parents to contribute to TCA financially as well as in other areas of their expertise. TCA also has a unique department: Educational Philosophy. These Educational Philosophy staff members spend their time assuring that teachers have mentors and are well informed in the TCA philosophy and instructional content and methods. Last but not least, surveys and parents proclaim character education, curriculum, culture, and class size set TCA apart!
What is the Traditional Program?
This is the "regular" Monday-Friday, 7 hours-a-day school program (half-days on Fridays for elementary students). Traditional program Kindergarten students attend only a half-day, either morning or afternoon Monday through Thursdays, no Fridays. TCA does not have full-time, whole day Kindergarten classes.

What are the Homeschool options?
Cottage School Program (CSP): This is a K-8 program for home schooling families to attend classes at TCA. Students attend 1 day or 2 half day (Kinder only) sessions per week covering Language Arts, Art, Music, and PE.
College Pathways (CP): College Pathways serves students in grades 7-12. These students carry either a full or part-time load at CP and can enroll in Pikes Peak Community College classes as well, if qualified. TCA pays the college tuition - as long as the student maintains a C or better grade.

How many students attend TCA?
Currently, we have almost 3,800 students across all our campuses (Central, East, North Elementary/Secondary) and programs (Traditional and CSP/CP).
How does the wait list work?
We encourage parents to place their children on the wait list via the Wait List Application as soon as possible, as students are invited on a first-come, first-served, prioritized wait list. Priority is given based on the list below. Within each prioritization status, students residing inside D20 are given first opportunity to enroll.
The TCA Board of Directors has approved the following procedures to enroll students for the next school year and/or to fill vacancies. Beginning with category two below, each category is on a first-come, first-served basis with in district students selected to fill vacancies before out-of-district students.
          1. Currently enrolled students (These students automatically matriculate on to the next grade level each year.)
          2. Children of founding Board members and TCA staff
          3. Legacy Status students (long-term students who are withdrawn and out of El Paso County for one year)
          4. TCA Cottage School Program completers (rising 7th graders only)
          5. Siblings of currently enrolled students in the list's program
          6. Currently enrolled students in a different TCA program
          7. Previously enrolled students, in good standing
          8. Other new students
Each child only needs to be placed on the list, Traditional Program and/or College Pathways/Cottage School Program, once. If not asked to enroll from year to year, they will automatically roll up to the next year’s waiting list for that program. The Traditional Program and College Pathways/Cottage School lists are completely separate. Therefore, if you would like your child to be on the wait list for both programs, you will need to fill out a Traditional Program Wait List Application AND a College Pathways/Cottage School Program Wait List Application.
As a result of this system, which is based on our charter with the State of Colorado, out-of-district families face slim odds of enrolling their children at TCA in the Traditional Program in grades 1 and above. However, out-of-district residents do have a good chance of enrolling a child at the Kindergarten level in the Traditional Program, but parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible. As the College Pathways Program grows in popularity, out-of-district students may begin to encounter the same problem when attempting to enroll in our College Pathways Program. At this point, we are still frequently able to enroll out-of-district students in the Cottage School Program.

District 20 requires that we prioritize D20 students over non D20 students, thus all D20 children signing up will have priority over out-of-district children already signed up. If you live out of D20, it IS still in your best interests to sign your child up, even though you are out-of-district. If you should ever move into D20, notify the Registrar’s office and you will be given D20 priority. This means your child will move up based on the original time and date you signed them up, NOT the time/date you notified TCA of an D20 move.
How do I place my child on the Wait List?
To get your child on the wait list, please fill out a Wait List Application for each child, listing the year and grade you wish to enroll her/him.
If you are planning on placing your child on the Kindergarten or First Grade wait list, TCA requires incoming Traditional Program or Cottage School Program Kindergarten children to be 5 by June 1 of the year they start Kindergarten, and 6 by June 1 of the year they start First Grade. Please know that as we import the child’s record from the online wait list submissions, we will confirm that the child is placed in the year that he/she will be 5 or 6 by the program’s age deadline.
You should put your child on our wait lists for one year/grade level only. However, you may put your child on both the Traditional Program and the College Pathways/Cottage School wait lists. We encourage you to do so if both programs interest you. If you are not contacted for your desired year, your child will automatically roll up into the next grade for consideration for the following year. This process will continue from year to year until the student enrolls or declines.
Students are removed from the wait list when their parents have been notified of an opening and decline enrollment. Students may also be removed when TCA has attempted to contact the parents, but contact information has become outdated or there is no response. EMAIL IS OUR PRIMARY MEANS TO CONTACT YOU. Thank you for keeping us updated if contact information changes.
Again, please remember that there are two separate wait lists, one for the College Pathways/Cottage School Program and one for the Traditional Program; there is no overlap between lists. If you wish to be considered for both programs, please submit an application for each list.
How do I find out my child's Wait List status?
Use the Wait List Status form on the TCA website. Upon completion of this form, it will be electronically submitted directly to the Registrar’s office and you will be contacted about your child’s wait list status. If you do not receive a reply within 10 days, please contact us again. Turnaround time is quick on these replies unless, for some reason, we are incredibly tasked with school needs or do not receive the original request.
Can my high school student attend college classes at TCA?
Yes. Traditional Program students should contact Joanna Peters, College and Career Connection Director, for details. College Pathways Program students should contact Rollie Stoneman, College Pathways Director of College Planning, for details.
Does TCA have AP High School classes?
Yes, Advance Placement classes are offered. There is a charge for the AP exam at the end of the course, and the student will receive one extra GPA point on their transcript, e.g.: A=5 points. How students score on AP exams (from 0-5) determines if the student will be awarded college credit.
How do I update new contact/emergency information?
Parents of enrolled students can go online to verify or update their own contact information in Infinite Campus (the D20 database). This is the data that your child’s teachers and office staffs access when they need to contact you. Please go to our Parents Tab on the main TCA homepage and then select Infinite Campus Links on the left.
So, in a nutshell:
        Every TCA family should have a parent portal log in to access their student’s information
        Make street address changes on the address change form and send to TCA Registrar's Office,
        Additionally make sure the Registrar’s Office knows of any phone or email address changes by routing the address          
        change form to us or emailing
       The Registrar’s Office does NOT need to be notified of emergency contact info as the LOCAL SCHOOL office will pull that
       directly from your child’s Infinite Campus file should the need arise.
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