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At TCA, it is our job to create a school environment in which our students feel safe, happy, and good. When students feel this way, they can truly be successful at school and home. One way to ensure our students and ourselves are safe, happy, and good is to understand the importance of digital health. Last year, we were forced to move our students into the world of online learning due to the circumstances. It is time to do a 180-degree turn!

Technology has brought a wealth of convenience to our daily lives, but we should all recognize the need to place limits on time spent absorbed in our digital devices. The most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing showed a correlation between screen time (even in the education setting) and poor reading scores. There is a growing concern about the rise of anxiety and depression linked to device usage in young children and teens. Research shows the overuse of electronic devices decreases attention spans in children and adults. At TCA, we desire to invite our students into a relationship with great ideas. This requires students to have focus and stamina. We want to build their appetites for worthy things that will enrich their lives for a lifetime.

Before the 21st century, everything in our world had a natural stopping cue. You could not stream endless TV; you had to wait until the program came on the following week. We once waited to hear what was happening from the morning newspaper or evening news report; now we are bombarded with endless information, good or bad. Our lives are being rated (liked) by those in the cyber world, instead of discussing life with our true/real circle of friends. It is time we began to re-introduce the natural stopping cues in life. I would encourage your family to participate in a technology fast or begin a conversation about the impact technology has on your family.

In Partnership,
Becca DeMeyer


Here is TCA’s cell phone and electronic device policy for elementary:
“Cell phones and other electronic devices (to include smartwatches) cause significant disruptions to the learning environment. Students are to take responsibility for their cell phones if brought to school. Cell phones or other devices that are not kept in the student’s locker are subject to confiscation. Cell phones or other electronic devices visible during the school day, without staff approval, will be confiscated. The student is responsible to pick up any confiscated item in the office at the end of the day, after 3:30 PM. TCA shall not be responsible for loss, theft or destruction of electronic communication devices brought onto school property.”

The President's Corner

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Dear TCA Community,



I always love this time of year; the leaves will be changing very soon, our classes are in full swing, and our activities and sports teams have begun with enthusiasm. As we bring this first month of school to a close, I wanted to provide you with an update on our progress with school related illnesses. First, we have been able to mitigate and keep COVID related school disruptions to a minimum. We are in frequent communication with the El Paso County Public Health (EPCPH) department about our requirements—which are far less than last year—and we give thanks to our community for continued adherence to our illness guidelines.


Moving forward, our COVID dashboard is now updated daily with active cases along with our FAQ's, which will be updated as needed with process definitions. Also, per EPCPH requirements, we will continue to exclude from school those who test positive, along with their household contacts, and we quarantine unvaccinated close contacts that are within three feet of a positive case for more than 15 minutes, in the traditional classroom setting. Per recent contact with EPCPH, we have increased attention on the last requirement, but since we have sufficient desk and seating spacing in our classrooms, we believe these quarantines will be minimal because of our small class sizes.


One metric to which we remain cognizant is our outbreak status. An outbreak is defined as five or more positive cases in any one classroom. To date we have had no outbreaks at TCA, but if we do reach that status, we stand at the ready to respond appropriately to health department direction.


TCA remains mindful of local and national media reports regarding vaccines and mask mandates. Currently, we do not expect these mandates to reach significant influence at TCA. Still, we encourage masking for those families who wish, and we encourage vaccinations for those that are able.


Thank you again for your flexibility, grace, and patience in working with us in this ever-changing climate. Be sure to enjoy this fall weather! Cooler temperatures are right around the corner.



We Are Titans!


Russ Sojourner

TCA President


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